Origin and Evolution

  • 2016
  • Gesvatec starts its implementation in Namibia

    The legality control of several varieties of ARRA table grape in this new country begins. There are already 15 countries where Gesvatec is present.

  • Navel orange "m7"

    Gesvatec is implemented for a new protected variety whose legality will be managed in Spain: the navel orange "m7".

  • Gesvatec starts its implementation in Turkey

    The implementation of the variety ARRA 15 begins in Turkey. Gesvatec continues its implementations for more varieties of ARRA grapes. This time begins the control of varieties "ARRA 25, 28 and 32" . There are now 23 varieties managed by the Gesvatec System in 14 countries.

  • 2015
  • Continuing the expansion of Gesvatec for the “ARRA” and “Early Sweet” varieties

    Gesvatec continues being implemented in Egypt for varieties "ARRA 18,27,29 and 30" and the implementation of Gesvatec in Australia starts to review the legality of the variety "Early Sweet".

  • 2014
  • Yellow kiwi "Soreli"

    In September 2014 Gesvatec manages a new kiwi variety called "Soreli". With the help Biogold Intellectual Property (BGIP) Gesvatec is implemented in several packing houses in Italy to start to manage the kiwi legal production "Soreli".

  • Gesvatec starts its implementation in Brazil

    Gesvatec gets under way in a new country: Brazil. This time, Arra 4, Arra 15, Arra 16, Arra 19 and Arra 21 will be the managed varieties by Gesvatec in Brazil. And, there are installations of 20 varieties across 14 countries for the system Gesvatec up to now.

  • Gesvatec starts its implementation in Ecuador

    At the end of the year Gesvatec is implemented by the first time in Ecuador, to manage the variety of tables grape "Arra 15". Therefore, this year Gesvatec gets an experiencie of 10 years and manages 19 protected varieties in 13 countries.

  • 2013
  • Gesvatec is present in 11 countries

    Gesvatec keeps being installed in new packing houses of the 11 countries where it is present.

  • 2012
  • “ARRA” Table grape varieties.

    During this year¸ Gesvatec also was installed in new packing houses in Egypt, Tunisia and Italy for the grape variety ARRA of the GRAPA LTD. Company. Furthermore, Gesvatec is installed again in Peru to manage the legality of table grape: Early Sweet.

  • New implementations for the "Nadorcott" variety

    Gesvatec keeps extending and managing new protected varieties in new countries. For the Nadorcott variety, and in mutual assistance with Biogold International , the Gesvatec System was installed in packing houses of two new countries: Chili and Australia.

  • 2011
  • Interest in Fruit Logistica (Berlín)

    After extensive experience gained over the predecessor years, we are working to make known the Gesvatec tool for new breeders of protected varieties, as well as regulatory councils of Protected Designations of Origin (P.D.O.) and Geographical Protected Indications (G.P.I.), who showed interest in Gesvatec at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin (Germany).

  • 2010
  • Variety of mandarin "Orri"

    Gesvatec was implemented at several packers plants in Peru and, in the same year, Gesvatec included the ORRI protected variety in several packers in Spain.

  • 2009
  • Start of Gesvatec's expansion in the southern hemisphere.

    The first country was South Africa, with the collaboration of the South African firm Citrogold, who are part of the Biogold International and who the following year, in 2009, was conducted in the Gesvatec implementation in Argentina and Uruguay.

  • 2008
  • Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (CVVP)

    Gesvatec also became the varietal identification system of Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (CVVP), in Spain. The management, protection, inspection, monitoring, auditing, certification and protection of the rights to exploit are the aims of the CVVP in order to permit that breeders, licensees and entities enjoy peacefully of a trading system of protection for varieties which necessarily translate into better economic performance resulting from their activities.

  • New implementations of the "Nadorcott" variety

    The Moroccan company Les Domaines Agricoles promoted the Gesvatec implementation in Morocco to carry out the control of the legal plantations of the Nadorcott variety in that country.

  • New implementations of the "Early Sweet" variety

    After initial success in Egypt, Gesvatec began to be implemented, in 2008, of the Early Sweet variety in countries such as Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco. Gesvatec is expected to continue being implemented in countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Chile, where the variety Early Sweet is also present. GRAPA LTD has become the world's leading marketing new varieties of table grapes, becoming an international distributor of the ARRA table grape varieties created by ARD LLC, a subsidiary of Californian Giumarra Vineyards Corporation. Gesvatec, with the collaboration of GRAPA LTD, will be implemented in the coming years in those countries where the ARRA varieties exist.

  • 2007
  • Table Grape variety "Early Sweet"

    Gesvatec had a pilot case with a breeder of a table grape variety called Early Sweet, who the owner is the GRAPA LTD company from Israel. This pilot case was carried out at several packers from Egypt.

  • 2004
  • Variety of mandarine "Nadorcott"

    The Varietal Identification System called Gesvatec was developed in 2004 by GRUPOTEC, a consulting firm in Valencia (Spain). Its development was carried out to meet the needs of the licensee of a protected variety of mandarin for Spain called Nadorcott. The main objective was to create a system to protect and assist licensees, packers and producers of the variety to allow them to address the major supermarket chains, offering a product with a full guarantee of legality and enforcement of international patent laws and intellectual property. Gesvatec was developed jointly with a legal entity that brought together breeders in defense of protected varieties. Following the successful implementation of the system in packers in Spain in its early years (more than 90 packers with the system installed) allowed in the following years, to implement Gesvatec in other countries.

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